Dues & Categories

Membership Dues

» Lifetime US members $1000

» Lifetime India Subcontinent members $200

» Lifetime members from all other countries $500

» Annual US members $200

» Annual members from all other countries $50

» Fellows are Complimentary

» Auxiliary Members are Complimentary (spouses)

Categories of Memberships

Active Members

Active members shall belong to one of the following categories:

i) Annual US members who have paid the annual dues, currently set at $100 by the Executive Committee, in a timely fashion when due. All membership and dues will be assessed on a calendar year basis.

ii) Life members from the US: Those who pay a one time fee currently set at $1000, India Subcontinent will be $100 and other countries will be $500.

Associate Membership

Associate membership will be awarded for Non-Oncologists engaged in professions that contribute significantly to the field of Oncology and encompass basic scientists as well as representatives from governmental and voluntary organizations active in the field of Oncology. Oncology fellows in training are also eligible for Associate membership in IACA. The same fees apply as active members, with the exception of fellows who will be complimentary.

Corporate Memberships

Industry partners of IACA who sponsor programs and activities of IACA and satisfy criteria as set by the Executive Committee from time to time may be admitted as corporate members for the duration of their sponsorship. These memberships have been set at the following levels currently (but are subject to revision at any time by the Executive Committee.

i) Silver members: 5,000 per year

ii) Gold members: 15,000 per year

iii) Platinum members: 25,000 per year

Any person or an association of persons may attain membership in the IACA provided that the applicant subscribes to the objectives of the IACA, abides by the By-laws, rules and regulations, pays the prescribed fees and dues, and submits an application in the prescribed form.

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