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 All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent as allowed by IRS.

Thank you for considering donating to the IACA. The projects that the IACA serves are very much driven by IACA’s members’ and donors’ contributions. Your donations have helped sustain our Traveling Fellowship program, Palliative Care program, and cancer screening programs as well as aided pediatric oncology help centers like CanKids…KidsCan.

CanKids… KidsCan

CanKids…KidsCan is a not for profit dedicated to Change for Childhood Cancer in India. It is the only organization in India that works on all aspects that will drive this change – from support services for families of children with cancer (age 0-21), to awareness, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, quality care, research and impact. CanKids’ vision is to enable global standards of survival, between 70-95%, for childhood cancer in India and to ensure that no child should suffer for want of cancer treatment due to lack of finance.

The Indo-American Cancer Association’s partnership with the CanKids Adopt-a-Child program creates opportunities for individuals to make donations which translate into aid for a child in need of cancer treatment.

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